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how to install laminate flooring

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DIY Laminate Flooring

After seeing all the commercial advertisements and speaking to sales people everyone assumes that installing diy laminate flooring is damn simple and any one can do it with out any knowledge. But in fact do it yourself laminate flooring can be successful only if you spend some quality time in learning and educating yourself about it. If your attempt installation straight away without any knowledge it can be very frustrating and damaging.

Every box of laminate flooring which you purchase come with detailed instructions about how to go about and diy laminate flooring using this product. Many people do the mistake of not going through it carefully and start installation impatiently. This causes frustration and the quality of finished flooring does not look professional and beautiful. After spending so much money and time if you do not get desired results it is very disappointing.

It is observed in most of the cases that people after buying DIY laminate floor material rush to installation place and try to start installation with out any proper planning and preparation. All laminate flooring should be kept for at least 2 to 3 days in the place of installation before installation. This is necessary for the material to get acclimatize to the conditions and temperature of installation place.

While installing half inch spacers must be used around the edges of the corner panels to accommodate for expansions and contractions in different seasons due to temperature changes. All laminates should be evenly spaced along the entire length of the hall or room. The DIY laminate flooring can go smooth only if the first and the second row of floor panels are securely attached and aligned perfectly.

While installing you may find some panels not locking together properly. There could be many reasons for this. This usually happens when you are fixing first, second or nineteenth time. You may have to stammer it hard for panels to get fixed perfectly. Mostly failure in locking is due to either the tong and grove is not aligned properly; it may also happen if board is damaged.

DIY laminate flooring can be very smooth and easy if you do it carefully and follow instructions properly as mentioned in the instruction manuals. This will not only make your job simpler but you wil find it fun and gratifying. Your little extra care and patience can affect on the whole life of laminates. Poorly installed laminates damage early so make sure you educate yourself properly before attempting your installation.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #1

Let Laminate Flooring to acclimatize to your home. This can done by keeping the unopened boxes in the home where you are installing the laminates for a period of atleast 2 to 3 days. Floors may buckle if you do not do this. This is most common mistake done by most people including contractors.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #2

Keep Gaps between laminates to accomodate contractions and expansions. There should be a gap left between walls and any other obstacles like stairs or columns. This is to accomodate for any expansion or contraction of the floor due to regular temperature changes. Floors may buckle if you do not do this.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #3

Install vapor Barriers. If you are installing laminate flooring on a concrete slab floor where earth immediately below the concrete, a small vapor barrier should be installed between the concrete and the laminates. Never ever install laminate flooring on floors that has a drain.

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