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how to install laminate flooring

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Laminate Wood Flooring

Laminate wood flooring is manufactured by fusing together several different layers of materials which make it far stronger and durable compare to other types of flooring. The top most layer is transparent. It is treated specially to make it scratch, burn and stain resistant. The second layer is decorative layer. All designs, colors and patterns are laid on this layer. Below this layer the core layer is placed. This layers is composed of high density fiberboard and bear all the stress and weight being put on the laminate. The final layer is placed below and its main function is to provide stability and strength to other layers.

Witex laminate flooring company of Germany was the first company to invent this technology of manufacturing machine made laminates. But in the recent years laminate wood flooring has become very famous in all across the world. North America now has the biggest consumer base for this type of laminate flooring. Almost all flooring manufacturing companies now offer wide range of laminate products in different colors, patterns and designs to appeal various customers’ tastes and reach.

Laminate wood flooring comes with AC ratings which denote different levels of durability. They give you idea about resistance and stress bearing capacity of the laminate material. A series of tests are conducted on these laminates to arrive at the AC rating for a particular laminate. Only best of laminates dare to take these tests and acquire rating, if you are purchasing an AC rated laminate its quality is assured.

Installing these wood floors is also very simple and straightforward. All companies provide detailed instructions about installing. Even people with little skill can easily install this flooring on their own if they understand the simple process properly.

These laminate wood floors are also very hygienic as cleaning of these kind of floorings is very easy. Even stains etc can be removed with simple cleaning methods which make its maintenance very simple.

It is for these reasons that laminate wood flooring has become most favored flooring in most parts of the world today.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #1

Let Laminate Flooring to acclimatize to your home. This can done by keeping the unopened boxes in the home where you are installing the laminates for a period of atleast 2 to 3 days. Floors may buckle if you do not do this. This is most common mistake done by most people including contractors.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #2

Keep Gaps between laminates to accomodate contractions and expansions. There should be a gap left between walls and any other obstacles like stairs or columns. This is to accomodate for any expansion or contraction of the floor due to regular temperature changes. Floors may buckle if you do not do this.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #3

Install vapor Barriers. If you are installing laminate flooring on a concrete slab floor where earth immediately below the concrete, a small vapor barrier should be installed between the concrete and the laminates. Never ever install laminate flooring on floors that has a drain.

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