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how to install laminate flooring

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Wholesale Laminate Flooring

Wholesale laminate flooring is mostly available at home improvement stores where you can place your order for the laminates you are interested in. But another better way to find wholesale dealers is through internet. Many big distributors have own websites through which they accept orders also. Apart from being convenient you can browse through all possible product ranges and compare prices quality etc before placing your order.

Another best way to find good discount prices for wholesale laminate flooring is by shopping in wholesale flooring company or wholesale discount flooring stores. Most of these stores keep huge stocks of fast moving popular brands. As they deal in big volumes their rates are usually very competitive. But you can purchase from these big stores only if you require truckload of laminates. They do not usually interested in dealing small quantities.

Before ordering for quantity, you must properly measure your area where you want to install laminates. Calculate required squares by dividing your total area with size of each square then add at least 10% to it to incorporate any transport damages or fixing errors. If you order exact quantity you may have to stop your work in between to get more laminates as some damages and errors are inevitable. Stopping your work in between may increase your installation bills if you are hiring outside people for installation.

Many people prefer to purchase from wholesale dealers directly as wholesale prices are better then retail prices. Manufacturers transport finished laminates to wholesalers from where retailers purchase to make some profit by reselling. So if you eliminate retail middlemen you can get the price benefits by purchasing wholesale laminate flooring.

You may look for newspaper classifieds also to find your local wholesaler dealing in laminate flooring. Some distributors conduct reduction sales at trade shows etc to get rid of old stocks. If you can grab any such offer you will certainly make considerable savings in laminate purchase.

Its all about being a smart buyer and researching through all possibilities to find best product at cheapest prices. So make sure you do your home work properly before making any purchase.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #1

Let Laminate Flooring to acclimatize to your home. This can done by keeping the unopened boxes in the home where you are installing the laminates for a period of atleast 2 to 3 days. Floors may buckle if you do not do this. This is most common mistake done by most people including contractors.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #2

Keep Gaps between laminates to accomodate contractions and expansions. There should be a gap left between walls and any other obstacles like stairs or columns. This is to accomodate for any expansion or contraction of the floor due to regular temperature changes. Floors may buckle if you do not do this.

How To Install Laminate Flooring Tip #3

Install vapor Barriers. If you are installing laminate flooring on a concrete slab floor where earth immediately below the concrete, a small vapor barrier should be installed between the concrete and the laminates. Never ever install laminate flooring on floors that has a drain.

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